My name is Psonya. The P is silent (so say “Sonya”). I grew up in a rather small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, called Moss Point, Mississippi.  Until my Junior year in high school, I wanted to be a doctor, and then I decided that I wanted to be a news anchor.  But I was in college, I had a fabulous professor who convinced me to go to law school, and here I am!

I’m married to the best guy ever, and I really have the best kids in the world. On the weekends during baseball season, you can find me at a baseball park somewhere being the ultimate baseball Mom.  On other weekends, you can find me following my husband around and embarrassing my son. It’s what I do!


I joined the practice of law in 1999, when I graduated from Ole Miss Law and passed the Mississippi Bar. During my early years, I mainly practiced family law and represented kids in the Youth Courts of Mississippi. I got a call in 2005 that I had landed a job at the Mississippi Supreme Court, and until 2012 I practiced law for the nine (9) Justices on the Court.

I moved to Memphis after getting married, and hung out my shingle as the Hackett Law Firm.  Since that day, I’ve practiced exclusively in the area of Family Law in both Tennessee and Mississippi.


Well, I’m on lots of boards and committees and I’m in several bar organizations, notably the Tennessee Bar Association, the Mississippi Bar Association, the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations, and the Tennessee Lawyer’s Association for Women.  One of my dreams is to start a non-profit family center. 

What I do now is practice law for families and children in family courts in Tennessee and Mississippi.  What I do now is provide solutions to your family when you need them the most, and provide support at a time when it is crucial.  What I do now is a job that I love and am grateful to have.